Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break day 6

Yay - we went on a hot air balloon ride. Amazing.  This was Dan and my second time, but Olivia's first. Always incredible.  We landed in David Bowie's managers estate - which by the way was amazing property. 

Afterwards we went into Winchester and had the most. Amazing breakfast in a little hole in the wall - Just Like Grandmas. Seriously the best breakfast I ever had!!

We came home and do some work around the house. Dan took Olivia to rebounder and the. We all went to Top Golf for dinner and to drive some balls. A very fun day!!

Spring Break Day 5

On Wednesday it was a mom and daughter day. I took Olivia to get her eyebrows waxed, hair cut and then we both got a manicure. She really wanted to go to the mall so off we went for a little shopping trip. It was a hump day chill day.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

I don't usually celebrate St Patrick's Day. I'm lucky if I remember to wear green, but this year we had 2 parties to go to.  Any reason to celebrate!

The trifecta of consulting firms - Accenture, Booze and Deloitte. All three of us neighbors. Luckily we all are in different fields so no competition or conflicts of interest - lol. 

Spring Break - day 4

We rode our bikes to DuPont circle and ate breakfast at Kramer's Books. We checked out of our hotel and drove down into DC. We planned to bike around the city for most of the day visiting the museums and monuments. The cherry blossoms weren't quite ready for peak bloom so didn't get very many pictures. 

Later that afternoon we went to the Escape Room in DC. That was so much fun. We were locked into a room and we had to find and solve a bunch of clues to get the code to leave the room all in 45 minutes. We were able to figure it out but needed a few clues to help us out. Also it took us 55 minutes to escape. We worked as a great team. 

Spring Break - Day 3

We drove down to DC today to stay at the O Mansion in Georgetown. This is a museum but also a hotel. It's an eclectic and amazing place with over 100 unique rooms and 70 hidden doors.  We had the run of the place to ourselves all night long. We had a blast exploring and finding different crazy passages and rooms through out. 

During the day we drove down to Georgetownon on our bikes. We had dinner at Farmers Fiahers and Bakers. It was a really fun day!

Spring Break - Day 2

Olivia had a dance workshop all day so Dan and I just ran some errands and planned the rest of the week. For dinner we decided to go to our favorite winery, Stone Tower, and have a picnic dinner.

Olivia being goofy! 

Spring Break Stay Vacation - Day 1

This year we decided to stay home for Spring Break. Which is unusual for us since we usually go on a pretty cool Spring Breaks (last year Hawaii), but we are traveling to Europe this summer so we decided to stay home this week. 

Dan and I both took off the week so that in of itself is awesome, so we are already enjoying ourselves no matter what - lol. 

We kicked off our Spring Break by traveling to Philadelphia to visit Carolyn and Tim's new baby, Claire Hazel. Also to see my sister, Tammy, before she went in on Monday for major brain surgery.  Teresa and Andy were also there from Arizona so it was a mini family reunion. We drove up with Trudi and Jan. We had a really nice visit and Claire is just precious. Olivia was smitten. This was her first time holding a newborn baby and she's a pro. 

That picture was Carolyn as a baby. I captured the exact same smirk!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

March 9th was my mom's birthday. She has been gone now almost a full year. She died just a week after turning 82. I miss her. I haven't wrote anything on my blog about her death because I haven't been ready .... still not ready, but this blog is a place for me to record my memories and thoughts so I best start. This was a photo of her last birthday.  Trudi has that sweater now and is going to make heirloom aprons with the rosettes for all the girls - it will be a treasure. 

I thought the her birthday would be a difficult and sad day, but I was surprised that I felt so at peace the whole day.  At moments I felt even happy and grateful for the beautiful day. It felt like spring so Rosie and I decided to go for a morning walk. During the walk a Cardinal flew out directly in front of our path and landed in the tree next to us. It seemed to be looking down at me as I stood watching it. I took it as a sign from my mom. She loved Cardinals. Some believe Cardinals are a sign from heaven that a loved one is watching over you. Seeing that Cardinal made my day. 

I miss talking to you mom ... every day I think about you. So many things I wish I had a chance to ask you, but it's too late now. One thing I recently had an epihinay about is that I never realized what a difficult decision it must have been for both you and dad to decide to keep me when you learned that you were pregnant with your 6th child. Without going into too much detail on my blog as to the reasons I'll just leave it as a thank you for giving me life .... You didn't have to and some may have said maybe you shouldn't have, but I'm obviously glad you did!  Love you mom.  Give Dad a kiss for me In heaven.