Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bible Journaling

I recently found out about bible art journaling.  It's a creative way of studying the bible - right up my ally. Lots of colored markers, highlighting, typography, stickers etc.  I love reading sections of the bible and then embellishing what speaks to me. I don't do it as often as I like, but when I find a quiet moment it fills my soul. 

The Middle School Dance.

Jen and I co-chaired the first 6th and 7th grade school dance and it was a great success. We had over 200 students come. Music, photo booth, dancing, lights, give always, pizza, snacks .... it had all the makings of a fun night. It was a beach bash theme and the kids arrived in shirts and flower dresses. 

At the end of the night in the car ride home Olivia told me how much fun she had and that all the kids would be talking about the awesome dance on Monday. She told me how much she appreciated Ms Jen and my hard work in making such a fun night for them. It was a happy mommy moment for sure - especially coming from my pre-teen daughter!  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thoughtful Trinkets

Olivia bought me this collection of erasers that signify a special meaning for Valentines Day.  She gave me the little box while we were on the plane headed to North Carolina. She took out each object and explained the message behind it. 

Pink boot - every step you take is special
Cat with wings - you can do and be anything
Frog - don't jump to conclusions let life flow
Clock - Time flies when you're with someone special
Butterfly - The sky is the limit
Dog with heart- share your love

I was pretty impressed that she came up with each of those little nuggets of 11 year old wisdom. I'm truly blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Utah Ski Trip

Dan and I just returned from a Utah ski trip. We were invited by Dan's former boss to stay at her house in Park City Utah. We went with two other colleagues of Dan's and had a really good time!  We skied for two days at Park City and Deer Valley.  The slopes and views were amazing. The house was amazing as well. Here are some highlights.

The weekend we were there was also The Sundance Film Festival. We didn't end up seeing any films but walking around the town of Park City was really fun!

That evening we ate at Fireside in Deer Valley. It was amazing. It was a buffet but with gourmet food all laid out in stations by great big fireplaces in front of roaring fires. It was incredible. 

Saturday morning we all skied Park City.

On Sunday we skied Deer Valley. This is an exclusive ski resort and I loved it!!  I skied my first black diamond in a decade. I didn't fall once - very proud of myself. 

Then we went home to watch the Super Bowl. All in all we had a fabulous trip and I will definitely be back to ski out West again!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Killington, Vermont - Ski Weekend

Over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend we drove to Killington, Vermont for a ski holiday with our friends.  We rented a ski in / ski out condo and had a great time.  It was a long drive up - about 9 hours to get there late Thursday night (or I should say in the wee hours of Friday morning).  We skied for three days - great slopes and had a lot of fun.  It was really really cold; but we had the right gear and was bundled up.  no skin exposed!  Sunday afternoon turned to rain, so the girls called the day early; but Dan and Todd skied on - true die hards!  Monday we woke to a fresh 8 inches of snow so the girls had fun playing with the grown ups packed up and got ready to leave.

The weary travelers celebrating our 9 hour drive with a bit of wine!

 Getting ready to hit the slopes - but first we have to go get our ski lift tickets.

Tammy adjusting to the cold cold weather!  
 Stop for a lunch break!

The Peppes and Greens - all bundled up, ready to ski the slopes.

 On the gandaloa lift - nice warm enclosed way to get to the top of the mountain.

Checking out the map - this place is HUGE ... one can get lost pretty easily!

Everyone made fun of me for bringing my heated foot massage - well, as you can tell it was a very much loved item at the end of the day!

No we aren't getting ready to rob a bank; only ski down a mountain.

Me and pigtails - do I look like the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate girl?

Playing Jinga waiting for breakfast.

Taking off our boots after a long day .... ahhhhh!

Dan and I ate lunch at Killington Peak lodge - beautiful!

I had to convince Dan to let me go off and do some skiing on my own.  Everyone wanted to ski the black diamonds and I'm not quite that confident yet.  I love to take my time, put in my music and just enjoy the journey down the mountain.  

Cute little tunnel we had to ski through to get to our condo.

Every night we went out for dinner.  Overall all the restaurants we went to had great food!

The girls on top of the mountain!

Waking up Monday morning with 8 inches of fresh snow - too bad we had to leave that day.

The girls got some sled riding in before we left.

Waffle stop at the bottom of the slopes . yum!